Our Partners Professionals work together..
At IFRONE, we work with professionals to give you corporate package of service with world class standards. Below are some of our partners with whom we work as a team to accomplish our projects.

1. ELIMUNURU Limited (www.elimunuru.co.tz)

Elimunuru is a consulting firm in information technology, business, leadership and education with a purpose of improving innovation in those areas. Elimunuru has been working with IFRONE in areas of digital marketing and project management of ICT and related projects – websites, software development and corporate branding projects. Elimunuru is focused on improving service delivery, maximizing value for customers as well as revenue & return on investment (ROI) for businesses.

1. AVANT Limited (www.avant.co.tz)

Avant is an ICT company made up of qualified team and competent professionals in the fields of Graphic Design, Branding and ICT to help your business achieve the competitive advantage using the proven technologies and streamlining your business processes and the way you interact with your customers. Avant is a partner with IFRONE is areas of ICT Counsulting, Graphics Design/Presentation/Multimedia, Website Designing, Desktop publish, Printing, Programming/Database/Software, Advertising and Interior designing.